TOP 5 Perfect Reflex Bag

The attributes and skills are needed to become a complete and great MMA fighter.

In boxing, it is basically striking your opponent hard and take a hit. It might seem uncomplicated for most people but not like that. It’s more than just strength, you have to need attributes such as speed, agility, dexterity, and endurance.

Usually, heavy bags are used as a means to train punch strength and speed bag for your punch speed. The equipment is commonly used in training.

Unlike the heavy bag and speed bag, the reflex bag is used to train your head movements, precision, and so on.

The reflex bag is quite flexible, meaning it doesn’t need a lot of space to store and use, not like a heavy bag. You have to buy a reflex bag because there isn’t much in the gym.

Good Reflex Bag Review

Land a strong box on a heavy bag, anyone can do it. But landing a precise and sharp punch on a smaller object such as a reflex bag is quite difficult. this exercise gives you excellence.

Everlast Reflex Bag

Another function of the reflex bag is to increase movement, especially in boxing you will move a lot when in the ring to chase your opponent and avoid enemies.

With a small size and a low-profile reflex bag, this is perfect to use as your training, giving you the advantage of getting into a distance, closing distance, etc.

You can adjust the height according to your needs or based on your opponent’s height.




Freestanding Reflex Bag Kit Speed-Adjustable MaxxMMA

For beginners who don’t have gloves, this is the perfect bag for you, with a bonus pair of extra gloves you can practice right away.

You can adjust the speed and height of the bag. this way you can practice your abilities by adjusting the level of difficulty.

Adjustable freestanding reflex bag Kit Patent is outstanding when compared to similar products. adjustment allows the correct increment of reaction for precise feedback and flexibility allowing the correct increment of reaction. The adjustable speed of response is more suitable for hand-eye coordination, such as combat defense training.



Costzon Boxing Set

Costzon Boxing Set is suitable for children or adolescents, with a height of 35 “to 51”. You can reduce the height when you have a shoulder problem, or when you have a smooth muscle injury, this can help.

The material made from stainless steel and PVC leather so it is not rusty and easy to clean. You just need to use a wet cloth to rinse it so that it stays maintained, no spend a lot of money for maintaining.





Punch and Play Punching Bag – Pure Boxing

Specially made for children aged 3 to 7 years, but can be used for older people. Bags that are suitable for children who start to practice boxing.

The structure is safe and stable because the base can be filled with 15 pounds of sand so that it can avoid being rolled when used.

Besides this bag is also not easily scratched and easily placed at the gym or at home.

Equipped with an inflation tool and a glove bag so you can immediately practice it. Very practical, easy to use and fast.

Fitness Reflex Bag – Ringside

There is no doubt that Ringside makes high-quality products. Physically there are not many different but very thorough in the manufacturing process and only make quality products, therefore they have brands and names that are well known in the market.

The base can be adjusted as needed. It can be filled with 123lbs of sand to 240lbs.

Resembling the opponent’s movements because of the chrome springs that are placed specifically, this exercise makes you feel more realistic.

This product is easy to clean and long-lasting because it is made from durable synthetic skin. No rips on the bag.


A compact and cheap reflex bag is a good choice for boxing training equipment in your home. Training tools for accuracy, speed, mobility, and precision all in one, and without need a spacious place to set up.

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