Top 5 Suspension Trainer

This type of strength training with media uses webbing and a rope system. The tool is called a Suspension Trainer.

TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training System

What is Suspension Trainer? maybe some of you don’t know before seeing this article, but if asked by TRX, maybe many of you know, unless you live in the forest.

Famous brands in suspension trainers, like the iPod on an mp3 player. We can take the term “TRX” when talking about suspension trainers.

In the products, TRX combines the best security, comfort, and safety all in one package, extraordinary. Make you feel at home while doing sports.

GoFit Gravity Straps  – Resistance Training Kit

Very practical to be installed on your doorstep, no tools, screws, and no mess. For people who are new to exercise, it might be a little difficult, with GoFit making it easy because it is practically used. Very Low profile, does not require much space and is easy to store.

The maximum weight that can bear up to 300 pounds, for most people this can be used. But if you have the weight above, many products can be selected in some of these reviews.


Bodyweight Resistance Trainer By Ultimate Body Press

The suspension trainer from Ultimate Body Press so exclusive, easy to use and very safe. Quick adjustments, and don’t worry about product failure when used.

The dense structure in its design makes this Trainer can be propped up at various angles such as rafters, beams, doorways and even tree limbs.

You can install it anywhere to train yourself, the flexibility of Ultimate Body Press lets you do it. If you do not understand the proper training, Ultimate Body Press is equipped with an additional bonus book in the form of a practical method that is very detailed with lots of movements (36) and 3 full exercises.


ComCor Suspension Gym Fitness Trainer

This is suitable for those of you who have excess weight because it can support up to 1,000 pounds without causing damage.

Can be used in the yard or park, because the handle made from outdoor quality soft foam and durable EPDM makes it strong against extreme weather. With this material, the grip will be strong and soft so it doesn’t make your hands hot and painful, unlike low-quality products.



Lifeline Jungle Gym XT Split Anchor Body Weight Suspension System

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT Allows users to adjust additional movements and muscle groups differently because of the design of detached anchors.  the Anchor width can be adjusted as needed, as narrow or as wide as possible depending on you want to target certain movements and muscles.

Foot cradles and hand grips are very strong and sturdy also durable to withstand heavy loads from users continuously without breaking into pieces. Equipped with an inline buckle so that the length of the rope can be adjusted quickly according to your body weight and your targeted training, very safe.


An excellent training tool for your training, most gyms are equipped with Suspension trainers even the instructors store them in their gum bags for use at all times.

These suspension trainers are dense and lightweight so they are practical, easy to set up and store. It only takes a few seconds to used Suspension trainers and directly exercises.

Many MMA and BJJ practitioners use Suspension Trainer to increase dexterity, build their strength and balance, all in one. Suspension Trainer makes it easy for you to move body parts for each movement to get good results from this exercise.

Especially in MMA or BJJ, you are required to fight in your position not to have a power base, unlike weightlifters that can get ready before lifting freely. You are in a difficult position to fight out. The Suspension Trainer is very good at imitating this oddly unstable movement.

We help you choose the best 5 Suspension Trains because there are so many Suspension Trainers on the market for you, so don’t be confused.

Every athlete and fighter will benefit from using the Suspension Trainer that we reviewed above.

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