Playing UFC Games on PC – Is It Possible?

As a fan of martial arts i was always addicted to playing games that offers a great fighting system. With my day job of providing consulting for IT that involves heavy coding, i need to play games often to not get bored. And the holy grail of combat sports games and in this case MMA would be the EA UFC game. There is one big problem though: It is only available on consoles. Is there any way of playing it on the computer? Read more to find out.

Why I Love Fighting Games

Coming from a generation that plays Mortal Kombat when i was 4 (Yep). I was always gravitated to games that provides an authentic martial arts vibe. Along the way i discovered other great gems such as Tekken but the real kicker was when i finally bought a PS3 and discovered the best fighting game of all time (Probably).

UFC Undisputed 3 was an amazing game that offers an authentic mixed martial arts fighting system. This is probably the best rendition that a game can offer when it comes to presenting MMA to the video game community. To this day (Year 2020) i still feel that the game is superior when compared to newer titles. Might be personal preference or nostalgia on my part but that is just the truth.

PC Requirements

In order to play console games on PC you would probably need a high-end pc because it will tax the system more when compared to playing PC games. Each console game will not produce the same frame rates because unlike consoles where the main purpose of the device is playing games, PC can do multiple things and that makes it less optimized for playing games.

This is a rough guideline but consider this the minimal PC specs to try and play console games on your PC:

  • Intel 4-8 Cores Processor or AMD Equivalent (Intel Gen 6-8 or Ryzen Series)
  • 2 GB AMD or Nvidia Graphic Card
  • 16GB Ram
  • SSD
  • Dedicated Internet Connection

Not to mention you will need to keep your software updated. So make sure you click that Windows Update for Business button if you ever see it. Having the latest software will help make sure games will run smoothly.

Is it Legal?

To play console games on PC you will need the help of an emulator. Additionally most of the time you will find that the games will come in a “cracked” version. Do everything at your own risk. The only “right” way to play console game is obviously using the consoles.

As far as legality goes this definitely falls on the “grey” area. If you are concerned with protecting your personal data then you will need to buy the console and games directly. Trying to run an emulator on PC to play console games is hard and might be not legal depending on where you live.

How To Play UFC Games on PC?

A simple search on Youtube will give you many methods on how to play console games on PC. Keep in mind that most if not all of them will contain cracked version of games AND malware. So if you are not willing to take the risk then you better off saving money and buy a console. But if you are persistent, here is a way