Unlock My Glutes Review : Scam or Not?

Ever wondered why you’re experiencing a myriad of problems including lower back pain, hamstring strains, poor posture, back and knee pains, muscle imbalance and lower body injury?

Have you gone through long-term injuries that simply won’t give in to your tireless efforts of treatment?

What if you realized that your perceived solution wasn’t working because the methodology was flawed, to begin with? The glute is a high-performance power generating part of the body whose function is largely misunderstood, it is responsible for climbing, running, sitting,, standing and so much more, the stronger the glutes are, the stronger you are.

Worry no more, strengthen your glutes and your speed as you run will increase significantly, you’ll throw further than you ’d contemplated and you will jump a lot higher.

Truth be told they’re still many people stuck in the “squat myth” and one by one they find themselves immersed in an ocean of frustration struggling to grow their behinds, not knowing how to train effectively, they are left with an issue of weak glutes.

This product, initiated by Brian Klepacki, a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, as a functional movement specialist, the understanding of what works and what doesn’t is engraved in him, after undertaking numerous trial and errors on various factors and the application of verified principles after working it out with various stakeholders such as athletes and bodybuilders, at The Compound, a training facility in Clearwater in the State of Florida.

The perception that everyone has powerful glutes cannot be undermined, and its only after the problem has been isolated that the realization hits them, for example, bodybuilders toiling in the gym day and night only to later find out that the foundation has been built on sand, fortunately, The Compound brings back the enthusiasm lost due to the understanding of how to increase the glutes.

The muscle is largely misunderstood, this is because people lack the understanding of how to activate the glute and at the same time apply fundamental principles.

There are three glute training obstacles that prevent people from getting the strong, shapely and powerful glutes, they include;

The Squat Myth.

The glutes are made up of three muscles, namely Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Minimus which play an integral role in supporting, stabilizing and mobilizing the lower half of the body, hips and not forgetting the legs.

Three planes of motion are necessary if at all one is to get satisfactory results after training vertical, rational and horizontal positions.

Unfortunately, most people fail to realize that squats and deadlifts are vertical movements and that there’s still need to undertake lateral and twisting movements in order to target all motions.



The Fix – Glute Specific training

Undoubtedly what one needs to fully develop the glutes as it focuses on targeting all the three muscles and the glute specific movements this is unlike lunges, deadlifts and squats that are by far leg exercises.

Super long gym workouts are also a barrier to glute development.

Many people are of the opinion that long training hours are required to build the backside, this is false, and an extremely effective operational glute workout takes 15 minutes as it targets a specific region.

In addition, this training can be done at home and therefore gym membership is not necessary.

The Fix – includes bodyweight exercises.

It is possible to grow the glutes without having to step the foot in the gym, the benefits of utilizing bodyweight are substantial.

Studies have shown that one can attain serious progress via the application of bodyweight exercises instead of using heavy weights, hip thrusts, for example, improve the speed, power and also increase the strength by facilitating hip extension and the activation of lower limb muscles.

The use of bodyweights is also safer than lifting weights which increase the probability of harm, it is therefore important not to train a dormant muscle rather it would bring more success utilizing all the muscles.

Sleeping Glutes are a barrier to Glute Development.

Many people unknowingly bring harm upon themselves by not knowing the side effects of sitting for long hours, more often than not one does not understand the extent of the damage until it is done all the more why it is called a silent killer.

After sitting for long the glutes are not activated, they become weaker and a negative impact on the rest of the user’s body is instituted, the performance never gets to 100%, our muscles are largely dormant even the more the reason as to why we should exercise them regularly.

The Fix – Wake up your glutes,

Sitting prevents the glutes from firing by tightening the hip flexors, to activate and fire this glute is a two-step protocol is already in place that counters tight hip flexors first and then the glutes become reactivated.

Something else that is of great assistance is restorative stretching; this is because it aids the hip flexors to take up their original length.

Physical therapists use neuromuscular activation as it restores the connection between the brain and the glutes.
Stretching and activation of muscles prevent glutes from getting into dormancy.

Fortunately, it only takes three to five minutes to attain 100% activation of glutes from the stretches, waking up is, therefore, easier, faster and safer to protect oneself.

The Workout to Develop a Rounder & Stronger Butt is what is known as the hip thrust.

It can be undertaken in the gym or at home, the activity helps one achieve the highest level of muscle contraction this is because there’s always tension upon the hips throughout.

A study as recent as 2017 found in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research averred that glue movement is tantamount to protecting the spine against strains associated with lunges and squats as they facilitate the development and power of muscle lengths that are short in nature and ultimately muscle hypertrophy.

Step 1

The movement is performed by seating on the ground with a bench perpendicular to and behind you, leaning back in such a way that the shoulder blades are closer to the top with movement using the feet to extend the hips vertically.

Step 2

Abs contracted and chin tucked to the chest, lifting the hips as far as possible and then reversing the motion is of great help,

In addition to hip thrusts, a plethora of modalities exist the result of which would take the glutes to the next level.

The strategy developed at The Compound and successfully tested on athlete clients include;

Restorative lengthening, in this context it releases opposing muscles are inhibiting the glutes.

Neuromuscular activation advocates for the development of the mind-muscle connection thereby bracing the butt for optimal recruitment of muscle fibers.

Spine protecting movements this is by ensuring that no unneeded pressure on the knees or on the lumbar spine to ascertain the safety of the exercises at all levels.

EMG proven muscle recruitment, it is responsible for utmost muscle effectiveness and contraction.

Iso – holds it is a technique that is largely underutilized; it helps in building strength and power without the inducement of any weight,

Time under tension tempo: it varies the speed repeated under resistance for the eccentric portion of the lift making the work easier and faster.

Developing an athletic, superbly-curved rear is actually quite easy with the sought-after GM3 Method.

It is a methodology that wakes up and primes the body’s largest sleeping muscle thereby releasing the inhibiting muscle group it includes exercise that builds strength, muscle and burns fat.

It is the ultimate wake-up protocol for activation and stretches that primes dormant glutes by utilizing all the three glute muscles with the three exercise types on all three planes of motion.

It is a direct glute plan that excludes squats, deadlifts or lunges which are movements that simply put your muscles on fire.

Following the approach will;

In less than 30 days increase the junk in the trunk.

Even without access to the gym, rapidly add power and size to the glutes.

Unlock the sleeping giant to a new level experience bottled up inside.

The program has been tested at Critical Bench which is also known as the longest standing physical strength site online and they were not only shocked by the misinformation that they had but also they increase in power and strength in their glutes surprised them.

Unlock Your Glutes contains the best experience and expertise in functional movement when it comes to glute development, and entails just two workouts every week over four weeks.

It is not only simple but also delivers the results that you want, which a rounder, stronger and developed butt is in just 15 minutes per work out.

The package includes Unlock your Glutes Manual and the Complete Coaching Videos.

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