Venum BJJ Gi Review 2019

What is Venum?

Everyone that follows any type of combat sports will recognize the Venum brand. It is one of the oldest combat sports equipment & apparel brand in the world, founded in 2006 by Franck Dupuis. nowadays Venum is one of the most popular fight gear manufacturer while also promoting many high level fighters from all types of martial arts to be their athletes. Famous athletes from striking arts such as Giorgio Petrosyan and Vasyl Lomachenko are one of the most recent fighters that Venum has sponsored. Venum has also featured a list of famous MMA fighters such as Lyoto Machida, Carlos Condit, Jose Aldo, and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. There is no doubt that Venum is a staple brand in the world of martial arts

Venum has also made the move to manufacture products such as rash guards and Gis that is geared towards Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They have also sponsored notable BJJ fighters such as Luiza Monteiro, Renato Canuto, and Raquel Paaluhi. Venum is really looking to dominate the BJJ market because there is an increased demand of BJJ products due to the increased exposure of BJJ to the general public through MMA and various BJJ tournaments (EBI & Polaris comes to mind)

In this article i will be reviewing BJJ gis from Venum. Coincidentally i have owned 2 BJJ gis from Venum, most of my friends also has Venum gis in their training rotation. Some of the cheaper gis are geared towards casual training and few of them are competition ready, meaning you can probably roll hard in it 24/7 and the gi would not break.

Generally speaking i feel comfortable when wearing any BJJ gi from Venum. Even the cheaper gis are made with care and i can be very mobile while wearing it. Obviously the more premium gi will have many interesting features such as nicer designs for the gi and gi bag, better material quality, or a limited edition gi. If you are looking for a Venum gi then i would recommend getting the premium ones because if you are looking for best bjj gi for beginners then there is only one king and that is Sanabul

Best Venum Gi Reviewed

Budget: Venum Contender BJJ Gi

This gi is directed towards casual training and entry-level market, with three color options of white, blue and black with size range from A0 to A4. Some Venum stores in different countries offer sizes in between those sizes such as A1.5. That is great news for someone that is in between sizes, for example i am 5’9(175cm), 170lb (77kg) and the size chart tells me that i should use an A2 gi, but in reality A2 is too big for me especially the gi jacket is too long, hence A1.5 will be the perfect size for my body. Providing extra sizes is one of the features that Venum brings in their BJJ gi product line and this is a rare quality in the combat sports manufacturer world.

Design wise this gi is pretty much a blank canvas all around, style is not a strong suit that the gi posses. The only thing that indicates the gi is created by Venum is the Venum text located on the left lapel. This is both good and bad news, this gi is good when you are looking for gis with a sleek and clean look that gets the job done, but if you are looking for a gi with a bit more style then your only choice to improve the overall look of  the gi is to add your own patches. Whatever side you choose, if you bought the gi then you will have a gi that is battle tested and proven to last for a long time and at the end of the day we want that quality for any gis that we want to purchase.

Gi material is pretty solid, Venum has been around since the last decade and has been proven to have a superb product quality. Just don’t expect anything fancy with the gi and you will be fine. Your main reason of wearing this particular gi from Venum is to train and not to show off your gi, if that is your mindset then this gi is the perfect choice.

Competition: Venum Contender 2.0 BJJ Gi

As the product name implied, this gi is basically and improvement of the previous version with BJJ competition in mind. Material quality is much more improved for the Contender 2.0, materials are stronger especially in areas where you are vulnerable when competing. The gi also provides more color options besides the usual white,blue and black. The other color options are a nice change from the usual colors and gives a new breath to the already battle tested gi, especially the grey gi gives you a traditional yet premium vibe that you rarely get from other gis (due to the fact that grey is a very rare color for BJJ gis). This gi is also lighter compared to the previous version, 350 GSM pearl weave jacket is able to provide sufficient airflow on the gi, keeping you from getting hot. The EVO foam soft collar is a great addition that maintain the shape of the gi when washed multiple times.

Premium: Venum Challenger 3.0 BJJ Gi

As expected Venum keeps the trend of slightly changing an older product name to a new one when naming their new products. Venum Challenger is supposedly the premium gi of the Venum brand, after looking at one and buying one i have no choice but to agree. Keep in mind the premium part of the gi does not exist in the form of better design, styles, or even color options. This gi is considered premium because this is the best competition gi that Venum currently offers, it is a great durable gi with no flashy designs, perfect for BJJ tournaments.

Spec wise the gi is using a 450 GSM rounded pearl weave cotton, the rounded features gives and extra points in comfort and protection from tears. Pearl weave is a common technology used for gis that allows the fabric to stay rigid while remaining relatively light to prevent reduced mobility for the wearer. It is the best of both worlds in terms of fabric material of gi.

Same as the previous gi, the Evo foam collar is also present in the gi and it makes it harder for anyone to grip the gi and that is good news for anyone that is planning to compete. It also helps keeping the gi in the original shape even after washing it many times throughout the years

Style: Venum Absolute Gorilla BJJ Gi

When you need to look stylish in your gi and you need to go with Venum then the Absolute Gorilla Gi is tailored made for you. This is one of the very rare bjj gi from Venum that has a great design both inside and outside. It also comes with a stylish gi bag. If you are a big fan of gorillas and jiu jitsu then this one is a must buy.

Spec wise it has all the bells and whistles that is only featured in premium Venum gis. 420 GSM pearl weave jacket and 280 GMS Ripstop pants are two of the many features that the gi has. Other features such as reinforced slots, pre shrunk, and tapered fit are also featured to give you maximum agility and comfort when using the gi.

Be warned that this is one of the pricier options from Venum, only buy this if you really like the product


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