Charlie Zelenoff – Myth, Legend, or Fraud?

Looking for more information about the boxing legend Charlie Zelenoff?

I was strolling through Wiki and Instagram and I come across the name Charlie Zelenoff, supposedly he is a famous internet troll that challenges random people to a boxing match.

Reddit does not give me many information either.. Don’t ask about boxrec! Nothing to be seen there.

So who is Charlie Zelenoff?

Bizarre stories of the famous “troll” of boxers: Charlie Zelenoff

This young man has become famous by harassing well-known boxers and other amateurs, challenging them to fight.

Currently, the internet is a vast sea of ​​information on countless topics and areas. Its open, community and free expression nature means that we can all participate in the creation and collection of this information. Such an opening brings its negative effects, where many times, the anonymity and protection behind a keyboard unleash harassers, pranksters and abusers.

In the world of boxing is the case of Charlie Zelenoff, a true “Troll”, as these people are called. The young man has been harassing several boxers for several years, in his early beginnings, who challenged them online to fight to see their abilities as a boxer. He claimed to hold records of impressive fights and even belts of championships, non-existent federations or falsifying them otherwise.

On his YouTube page, it was normal to see him claim the low talent of several professional boxers. But one of them, the current heavyweight champion and boring medal winner in the Beijing Olympics, Deontay Wilder, felt that the situation with Zelenoff exceeded his limits, not only with several instigations to the professional boxer’s cell phone, but racist attacks Against his family Especially his daughter, who suffers from a disease of poor formation in her legs.

Wilder accepted the many calls of the strange Zelenoff in his gym in Los Angeles and this was the result:

A great beating by the champion, leaving young Troll in bad shape, who nevertheless returned to his defamation routine via YouTube. A short time later, this made him more known and several more videos of other boxers, acquaintances and amateurs emerged, who accepted the challenges of the strange man, with similar results and demonstrated the null knowledge in boxing he possessed.

It was also made known, thanks to the intervention of the father of Charlie Zelenoff himself, that this individual had some mental problems. What generated a great debate, in the virtual communities that followed this young man as a bizarre spectacle, to stop paying attention to Zelenoff and prevent some major aggression against him.

Charlie Zelenoff Biography

A self proclaimed boxing champion. Charlie showed everyone on Youtube that he is a big shot that is able to defeat professional boxers easily.

He does this by visiting boxing gyms and challenge someone to a boxing match.

Sadly most of his opponents are not trained in boxing at all. As we can see from this video where he beat up a 16 year old kid.

His overall demeanor and how he carries himself in most of the video has sparked an outrage of negative things in the internet world.

But the good news is most of the time he is the nail instead of the hammer. Charlie very rarely defeats the opponent he fights in his supposed challenge video.

That does not stop Charlie from continuing to challenge random people to a boxing match..

Case in point: He still challenges Floyd Mayweather Sr to a boxing match, a decision that he soon regret according to the story before this.

Floyd Mayweather Sr was able to defeat the alleged boxing champion quite easily, Floyd easily thwarted Charlie’s haymaker and overwhelmed him with strikes soon after.

Is Charlie Zelenoff really a boxer or a troll?  

As you can probably guess, the latter is more appropriate for Charlie Zelenoff

Not only that Charlie does not have any legit boxing records, he also lack general self awareness. This can be seen very clear in his decision to challenge the current boxing heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder.

Charlie provoked and intimidate Wilder through the use of bad words and Wilder was fed up and invited Charlie to a sparring session, what ensues afterwards is a blood bath.

In the video, Zelenoff does not show any boxing skills whatsoever, he runs around the ring and gets knocked down multiple times by Wilder.

The only thing that saved him from having to visit the morgue is the vocal concerns of the audience, including photographers.

Crazily enough, Charlie screams about how he is the best boxer in the world while being carried away from the ring to avoid his impending demise.

The online community didn’t spare him on this, with some wishing he had been given one heavy punch to stop the theatrics once and for all.   

It is only a matter of time before that happens if Charlie keeps doing this..

The Real Charlie Zelenoff  

Currently in his 30s, Charlie is living in Los Angeles.

Charlie has a passion for boxing, but sadly that is all he has, because he does not have any boxing record whatsoever.

The only recorded fight that Charlie has is a losing effort against Andrew Hartley a long time ago..

So do not expect any documentary about Charlie Zelenoff anytime soon.

Charlie Zelenoff Family and Wife 

Given his online popularity, I was very surprised when I can only find so much about his personal life online.

He supposedly married a woman named Diara sometime in 2010..

And that is where it ends when it comes to Charlie Zelenoff’s personal life.

Charlie Zelenoff Net Worth 

Charile is most likely getting most of his money from ads on his viral Youtube videos.

Judging from the number of views on his channel it is very hard to judge his overall net worth.

But one thing is for sure, he is not a rich man by any means.

So I guess trolling does not pay the bills..?