Wing Chun Training – Worth Your Time?

Wing chun is one of the more modern martial arts. Is it a good idea to learn Wing Chun?

Wing chun is a modern martial art that was created in the early 1900s. It is a Chinese martial art that focuses on the use of the hands and feet for self-defense. It is similar to the arts of Wing Tsun, and karate. Wing chun is named for Yim Wing Chun, who was the daughter of a scholar, Ng Mui.

Can I teach myself Wing Chun?

If you are reading this, the answer is yes! You see, Wing Chun has been purposely designed so anyone can learn it. To help you understand this concept, let us explain in detail how Wing Chun works. First, you must understand that in Wing Chun, there is very little focus on strength. On the contrary, Wing Chun is more about speed and quickness. Therefore, if you are not strong enough to withstand the stress of full-contact training (which is really only for the advanced student), then Wing Chun is NOT for you. On the other hand, if you are ready to put in the work, then Wing Chun can give you the most intense, fast-paced workout of your life! Why do we care about this? Because it is not always practical (or even possible) for a teacher to be present when you are doing your home workouts. That’s why we created this guide.

Is Wing Chun easy to learn?

Yes, it is easy to learn… if you have a good teacher. A good teacher will not only teach you the techniques of Wing Chun, he will teach you the reasons why those techniques are important. He will help you understand the deeper principles behind Wing Chun. He will show you how to properly use your body weight and how to get more power from each rep and set of movements. He will help you understand the overall concept of “flow” and how to properly harness that concept to supercharge your training.

How do I start Wing Chun training?

The first thing you do is find a good teacher. Someone who has studied Wing Chun deeply, who is grounded in the true art of the movement, and who has trained under an authentic Wing Chun master. You can either look for a teacher in your local area or, if you are willing to travel, then you should consider looking for a Wing Chun master closer to you. Either way, don’t expect to find a “cute” little school with a few tables and some dumbbells. Look instead for a “real” school with a “real” sense of tradition.

Is Wing Chun worth learning?

Absolutely! If you want to learn real self-defense then yes, absolutely, it is worth learning! Wing Chun is simple, effective, efficient, natural, and extremely powerful. It has been used by successful businessmen, professional athletes, intelligence officers, FBI agents, United States Secret Service agents, Hollywood stars, gang leaders, and ordinary people just like you and me. If you have the skill to learn it and the desire to apply it, then you will gain a tremendous advantage in any type of fight.

Is Wing Chun useful in a street fight?

Yes. Absolutely. Any time you can use the element of surprise against an attacker, then you have a distinct advantage. In a street fight, surprise is often all you have! And if you know some Wing Chun, then that advantage will be even greater. A Wing Chun fighter always starts every fight with the element of surprise on his side. But that initial advantage is quickly lost as the opponent becomes aware of your presence and begins to anticipate your moves. If you are going to survive a serious attack (or even just cause minor pain) then you must learn some Wing Chun! Why am I so passionate about this?

Still interested in learning Wing Chun? Here are a few key benefits of praticing Wing Chun


Get the tension out of your muscles and get your circulation going before a big meeting, speech, or interview. Practicing Wing Chun will give you a much-needed psychological edge on all those other guys who are slouching around waiting to find out if they’ll live or die. After all, the way to win an attack is to avoid it! Don’t let yourself get into a situation where you have to use your skills. Get into the habit of practicing Wing Chun every day before you start stressing out about a big event. You’ll be mentally and physically sharp when the crunch time comes.

Endurance Training

As you know, stress sucks. It damages your health. And in today’s super-competitive world, being healthy is one of the best ways to achieve and maintain success. One of the main reasons people get sick is because their bodies are too tense. Tense bodies create “stress hormones” that sap your energy and make you feel tired. When you learn some Wing Chun, your body will start producing less of those nasty stress hormones. In fact, your adrenal gland will produce more “happy hormones” like testosterone and endorphin. Happy hormones give you an extra boost of energy!

Strength Training

 The #1 most common complaint I hear from my students is, “My arms and shoulders are so tight from working out, it’s hard to hit them!” Not any more! After you learn some Wing Chun, your hitting power will increase because your entire body will be much looser. This loosening occurs even if you are not doing any heavy weight training. Just by stretching and releasing tension will help you perform better on the mat. Your confidence level will go up and your “self-image” will be boosted.

Wing Chun Solo Training At Home

One of the main benefits of learning the Wing Chun method of self-defense is… it will give you the confidence to fight even without a partner! As you already know, every attack has a “window of opportunity” during which you must strike in order to beat the opposition. If he grabs your arm or grabs you from behind, that is your window of opportunity. However, most people just stand there like statues, frozen with fear. They literally “freeze” the window of opportunity!

The key to fighting off an attacker is to use the “rules of engagement” to your advantage. For example, if you are grabbed from behind, the rules of engagement say you can use your opponent’s momentum against him. Let’s say he is strong and drags you across the floor. Well, if you are quick enough and flexible enough, you will let go of his hand and reach up with your other hand and grab his wrist (the one holding you) and then use the leverage you have against him to throw him off. This gives you a chance to run away or strike him before he can react to your attack.


Most people think muscle tension causes injury and that tension must be released in order for you to get healthy. This is not true at all! In fact, tension is the body’s natural way of protecting itself. When you have too much tension in a muscle, it gets “stiff” and it becomes difficult for your body to work that muscle. On the other hand, when the muscle is too relaxed, it is vulnerable and extremely susceptible to injury. The answer is simple: You Must Learn How To Properly Stiffen Your Muscles!

When you learn how to stiffen your muscles, you will in turn develop the ability to completely relax your muscles, which will enable you to not only compete at a high level, but to last a long time in the sport as well.


You know, when you boil it down, fighting is simply a series of attempts to create an opening or leverage an opportunity. Once you understand this, everything becomes clearer. Wing Chun is a very simple art. However, like all simple things, it has a hidden complexity that is very effective. Wing Chun is based on the natural laws that govern human movement. Therefore, it can be used by anyone regardless of their age, size, strength or skill level. This makes it extremely effective and also allows it to be passed down from generation to generation.